Welcome to Archipelago Alam Indonesia

Archipelgo Alam Indonesia is a company engaged in the field of Agriculture and has been operating since 2015.

Our Products

Our best products are vanilla bean and coconut which have the best quality. We have a professional and reliable network of farmers and local surveyors throughout Indonesia. And Archipelago Alam Indonesia has a responsibility to farmers to provide guidance and supervision in order to maintain the quality of their products.

Vanilla Beans

We have Best Quality Vanilla beans Planifolia and Vanilla benas Tahitens origin indonesia,with a pick or harvest time of 8-9 months

Coconuts Products

Along the coast in Indonesia a lot of growing coconut, therefore we have Coconut fibre, Cocnut husked, Coconut Meat Unlimted.

Dried Spices

Indonesia is the biggest spices producer in the world, it grows well because indonesia very fertile soil. Due to its distinctive taste, people in Europe and Asia uses spices as an additional ingredient for food flavoring.

Dried Beans

Most of the Indonesian highlands are on the slopes of active volcanoes with the fertile volcanic soils & minerals delivering excellent cup quality and unique flavours and beans.

Other Products

We have networks and good connection with farms and local collectors all over Indonesian Archipelagoes. We purchase our agriculture products direct from the farmers at origin. Therefore we are able to offering our customers a high quality products at extremely competitive prices.

Dried Spices

Indonesia is the biggest spices producer in the world.

24th Dec,2016
Dried Beans

Excotic and excellent unique beans Origin from Indonesia

13th Nov,2016